PST Merger Software
Easily Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files

  • Merge Outlook archive.pst emails, contacts, calendars, etc., into single file
  • Different approaches to merge 2 or more PST files into one: "Add Files" & "Add Folder"
  • Give privilege to combine Outlook 2013, 2010, 2007 contacts of different PST files
  • Provides functionality to remove duplicate while merging Outlook PST files
  • Exclude deleted items of Outlook Data file while merging Outlook data files into one
  • Create Unicode PST file type after combining ANSI and UNICODE Outlook data files
  • Merge multiple Outlook Data files into single file with PST file Merger tool
  • No 2 GB File limitation on Outlook Data File: Combine PST file of any size
  • Compatible with Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and below version
  • Compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and below versions Windows operating system

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Demo Limitation of PST Merge Tool:

  • Join: Merge initial 2 folder of each PST file
  • Merge: Merge first 15 items of each folder of PST file
  • Merge Contacts: Merge initial 15 items of each folder of PST file

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Important Features of PST Merge Tool
Combine multiple pst files into one

Option to Remove Duplicate Emails Items

Replicate data items across various Outlook PST files can cause N numbers of cumbersome problems. PST Merger Software helps to remove duplicate Outlook data file items while performing merging. Just mark the check-box "Remove Duplicates" and click on "Merge PST Files" button. It will automatically start removing the duplicate items which exist across different Outlook Data files.

Exclude/Include Deleted Mails

It is counted as the useless sector or the PST file. Merging multiple PST files including deleted items is not more than wasting of Outlook Data File's space. From this perspective, the Outlook PST merge software also offers an option called "Exclude Deleted Items" which can exclude the deleted items of PST files before combining Outlook PST files.

Display Status of Merging PST Files

User friendly interface of the PST Merger tool is primarily one of the unique contribution of developers which gives more convenient while working with it. The PST file combiner shows the complete status of execution on the screen while performing merging. "Current PST Status" and "Overall Status" displays an estimated time that can be taken by the tool for merging PST files or how much data has been processed by the tool.

Auto Generate Summary of Join PST Files

After the completion of the process successfully and clicking on "Ok" button. PST Merge Utitlity roll out next windows screen to show a brief summary of the entire execution process. This report defines the executed numbers of PST files with serial number, PST name, number of duplicate items in each file, total number of items in a PST file and ultimately the status.

Multiple Option to Merge PST Files

Merge PST Files: "Add File" and "Add Folder" are the inbuilt options within PST merge software through which a user can even perform batch execution to combine PST files. However, these both buttons have different approaches to merge archive PST files in Outlook 2010:

  • Add File: To insert several PST files. This option is quite helpful is you are going to add different PST files from the varied location within the machine.
  • Add Folder: This option is a pertinent option in the context of adding an entire folder full of Outlook data files. Its on optimum medium for batch merging of PST files.

3 Way to Merge or Join Outlook PST File

Merge Outlook data with multiple option provided by PST Merger software

  • Join: Easily combine multiple Outlook files into one single PST file. It creates a separate PST file after merging the entire database of two or more Outlook data file
  • Merge: With this option, an Outlook users can merge multiple PST files into a single Outlook Data file. The newly created file contains all the data of the merged Outlook data file.
  • Contacts: With this option user can easily merge contacts of multiple Outlook PST file into single PST file without losing any data.

Easy and Understandable Interface

Outlook PST Merger Software is just not an advanced technology to merge PST files. The Tool has also built up with the concern of the user interface and that makes it more convenient for Outlook users. Each and every section of the merge PST software is self-explanatory, means it's easy to execute the application, even if you are not much aware about the technology.

Option to Split Outlook Data File

Merge Outlook PST software provides the option to split Outlook data file after the completion of the merging process of Outlook data files. The PST merge software does not loss any data while combining multiple PST file into one. Data remains in same state as it was originally before starting the merging process of Outlook PST files.

Merge PST Files into One Step by Step

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PST Merger Software – Specifications

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Size:8.5 MB   Version: 4.0


Trial Limitations

Demo Version Limitation of PST Merger Software

  • Join: Merge initial 2 folder of each PST file
  • Merge: Merge first 15 items of each folder of PST file
  • Merge Contacts: Merge initial 15 items of each folder of PST file

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the difference between "Join" and "Merge" option in PST Merge tool?
The Join option in the tool will simply generate a PST file that has multiple PST files merged into it. On the other side, the Merge option will unite similar folders into a PST file. For example: For all Inbox folders of selected PST files, a single PST file will be saved and in the same way for all sent items, an individual PST file will be created.
Is there any limitation on number of files that can be merged?
No, PST Merger tool allows adding multiple PST files for merging. There is no limitation to the number of files added to the tool for processing.
Is it necessary to install MS Outlook on machine to use the PST Combiner tool?
Yes, it is mandatory to install MS Outlook (any version) and configure it with Pop3/dummy profile in order to use the merge pst tool. In absence of Outlook in the system, the PST combiner will revert back an error that says 'Outlook session created error'.
I have ANSI formatted PST file. Will the software process them?
PST File Merger supports both ANSI and Unicode format of PST file. So if you have ANSI PST files to merge, the software will efficiently perform the job for you.
What is the standard time limit for the software to merge PST files?
The time taken for the merge process depends upon the size of PST file and the number of files added to the tool for merging.
Some of my archive PST files are showing errors on opening. Will the PST merge software work in this state?
In this case, it depends upon the type of error. If the error is occurring due to any kind of application dis-balance, then the software will merge PST files for you. However, if the errors are restricting opening of PST file, then you need to first fix the error and then process the files against the tool.
What is the 'Add Folder' option in the Outlook 2010 PST File Merger tool?
While adding PST files to the tool, users can click on Add Folder option. If the PST files are saved in a specific folder, the software will fetch all PST files from the folder.

Know How to Merge Multiple PST Files into One in Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007

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PST merge software

Step 1 : Free Download PST Merge Software.

Add PST FileS

Step 2 : Add PST Files from local storage.

Mupltiple Option to Combine PST File

Step 3 : Select Join, Merge PST, Merge Contacts option.

Hit on Merge PST File button

Step 4 : Click on Merge PST Files button.

What Client Say: PST Merge Software

PST merge software has really made it possible. Few days back my Outlook 2010 was not working properly. My all PST files are scattered randomly but Thanks a ton to your Support team for their marvelous guidance. – Angelino Thomas

Last night I was just surfing net when PST merge came into sight and I just click on the link. Suddenly I get all solution to my problem regarding how I can make proper arrangement of PST files in Outlook. – Daniel Rogger