How to Merge PST File? Get to Know Here!

For a convenient PST merge process, avoid searching for any manual procedures rather, read below to know more about how to merge PST files with eased functionality of merging PST file via our Outlook PST Merge application.

  • Firstly launch the PST Merge solution on your machine and you will see first screen.
    Install PST Merge
  • Now in the next screen, click on the desired button accordingly i.e. Add File or Add Folder to add PST files and folder to PSt merge file process.
    Browse Multiple PST To Merge
  • Next, choose the way you would want to merge PST files together i.e. whether you want to combine PST files or merge the same folder into a single or just want combining of contact folders. If you select join option to merge PSt file remove Duplicate option is not applicable and Exclude deleted items option for excluding deleted items folder.
    Chose option to merge PST file
  • Now click on Browse button to select location to save merged PST files and after that click Merge PST Files button to merge PST files
    Chek option to remove duplicates
  • For join Option after clicking Merge PST files to join PST files which are you select to join process. In this option software allows you to join PST file by creating new folder for merged PST file.
    Opt location to save PST file after merging
  • Now PST Files have been merged successfully after that Click OK button.
    PST Merge status
  • After clicking Ok button you will see this screen and at this screen users will get full info of merged PST file like Location and Name.
    Successfull PST Merge
  • For Merge Option: For merging PST files users will need to select PST files and select desire location to save merge PST file and select merge option, After that click on Merge PST Files button
    Merge PST
  • After clicking merge PST files, software will show this screen with status report of merging PST files.
    Compare merge PST file
  • PST files have been merged Successfully. After that Click by OK button.Compare merge PST file
  • After Clicking OK button users will show this screen where they get complete info of merged PST info like Name, Location and location of CSV report of duplicates items.
    Compare merge PST file
  • For Merge Contacts: With this option users will merged only outlook contacts across PST files. and do above step for merge Contacts
    Compare merge PST file
  • Here users will show complete report how many contacts you will merged and location of merged contacts
    Compare merge PST file
  • After that Click close button to stop PST merge application and click yes button.
    Compare merge PST file